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Music Venues


Students looked at the various places that music has been played in the district over the years.  More information will be added to this page as we go.


Some of the places where music was played include:


Rosenheimer's Resort   

Gonring's Resort    

Sunset Valley  

Roth's House (currently Slinger House)   

MJ Steven's Jazz BBQ




Quote from Robert Wolf about music venues when he grew up (Community Night 2014)

Gonring Resort

Above, a postcard for Gonring's Resort submitted by Leah Bell from her grandparents in 2013. Not sure of date of postcard. 

"You'd go to Gonring's, pack a lunch, and swim all day, and then come home red as a lobster because you weren't used to being in the sun all day."  Shirley Hofmaier (from and interview with Marek Bartusek and Michaela Nelson)

Gonring's resort was a place where many teenagers and young adults would build memories in the summer months.  (Photo submitted by Leah Bell, from her grandmother, Eileen Bell.  Left=Betty Buch Algiers.  Right=Arlene Lattsch Me-Cardle)

Roth's House (Now Slinger House)

The back of the Roth House (date TBA) where Eileen Bell's cousin was married.   Photo submitted to Leah Bell by Eileen Bell 

More information coming.  We are looking for stories from the Roth House

The photo above was taken in 2009 before renovations were made.  According to the Slinger House website (2013), the Roth House was popular for dances.     More information on the Slinger House in the "Buildings" history section.



Sunset Valley Theater

Photo submitted by Tim Selle

Sunset Valley Theater, off of Sherman Road near Ackerville, was the site of vaudeville shows and other performances from 1948 to 1952, according to current property owner, Tim Selle.  For more on this place, click on the audio links below. 

Click here for Shirley Hofmaier audio


Click here for Elmer Schmidt audio

Click here for a link to senior student, Marek Bartusek's documentary, which has a section on Sunset Valley.  

We are looking for more stories from people who visited Sunset Valley.  Photos?

Rosenheimer's Resort

This photo of Rosenhiemers resort from 1908 was donated by Troy Risse from the Slinger Fire Department from a postcard he purchased off of E-Bay from a man named George A who had been to a dance at Rosenheimer's.  



We are looking for more stories about Rosenheimers.

"Attended a dance here last night.  Got home at 12:20.  Signed, George."   Writing on postcard from 1905.  Postmarked West Bend sent to Miss Bauch on Pewaukee Lake

Mrs. Delorra Blanchard memory via interview with students T.J. Cherubini and Carol Ostovich (March 2014)

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