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Music History/Culture



The Slinger Area has a rich music history/culture.   Bette Weninger, a local historian and Slinger Alumni, wrote an introduction that students used as a starting point for research at start of the 2013-2014 school year.  You will find the following on this website:


*The   introduction by Bette Weninger

*A sociological study written by SHS students in 2013-2014

*A 2013  Slinger Music Alumni Survey

*A focus on Church Music in the Slinger Area

*A focus on the Slinger High School Music Program

*A focus on music venues in the geographic area of the Slinger School District

*Instructors/Music Leaders/Artists/Alumni


Please check for more information in the Artists/Alumni category on some of the music instructors in the Slinger Area and some of the individual artists/alumni who have studied music at the collegiate level or performed professionally or in the community after leaving high school.  For some of these inviduals,  the people, places, and things in the Slinger Area have played a role in their musical development and journey.


(Photo submitted by Linda O'Rourke)




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