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"Music is very spiritual, it has the power of  bringing people together."   Edgar Winter


"Music is the universal language of mankind."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


"Music is the great uniter.  Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common."  Sarah Dessen


"Music is a way for young people to connect with themselves as well as a bridge to connect with others.  Through music we can introduce children to the richness and diversity of human family and to the myriad rhythms of life." Daniel E. Carp, CEO, Eastman Kodak


"Music says things your heart can't say in any other way and in a language everyone speaks."


Dan Rather


"I've grown more in touch and in tune with both my spiritual and emotional sides through musical experiences."

Andy Crovetti (Slinger Alum)

"There are many families where every family member plays something. Alot of Slinger students come into high school with many years of experience under their belt.  We have quite the musical area."

Dan Petersen (Retired Band Director, newspaper article, 1977)


"My mom and dad sang all the day.  My dad owned a Martin guitar. We grew up always around music. Mandolin, saxophone, harpsichord, played in church.   Music was huge in the Slinger area."

Ken Leeson (Community member, Slinger alum)


"People who play together connect on a musical level that is so different, hard to explain to people who don't play or listen. Music teaches you how to learn, how to focus, how to multi-task, and you learn over time how to make connections betwen different or even conflicting ideas."  

Joe Wirkus (Slinger Alum, band member of Free Ride)


"That Sister Romilda was something. She could teach anyone. Most of the guys there at St. Pete's learned an instrument."

Dick Mayer (Community member, Slinger alum)


"At Christmas, when someone can make music, it brings everyone together." 

Joe Mechenich (Community member, referencing his mom's musical talents)


"Slinger had a reputation in music before I got here as a music program having high standards.  I knew of those standards coming in."

Steve Zenz (former Slinger music educator)



"I was incredibly lucky to be educated in a school district that prized and prioritized music education." Anonymous (Slinger Alum, alumni survey)


"Unlike some communities, you are looked up to because you are involved in music in Slinger." Anonymous (Slinger Alum, alumni survey)


"Our community and our school took pride in our band, so we took pride in being a part of it."  Anonymous (Slinger alum, alumni survey)


"Music is a common thread that connects all generations.  This School District has been very fortunate to have some very talented musicians come out of the district."  

Ron Naab (Community member and one of the founders of SAMBA)


"I was exposed, at a very young age, to the polka style of music being played at weddings and functions in the area."  Bonnie Niedinger (Slinger Alum, Current St. Pete's Contemporary Band member)


"Sister Romilda Simon at St. Peter's Church was an excellent teacher that encouraged students to always do their best."  Elizabeth (Slinger Alum)


“I remember that it was summer and it was very warm and I was walking through this field behind my house [in the town of West Bend by Nabob] and I was so at peace and so connected with everything. I still go to this place [in my head] when creating my music."      Paul Spaeth (Slinger Alum)


"Some of the nicest people live in the Slinger Area.  They come out to support us at the Fireman's Picnic every year no matter what the weather is.  I remember it was scorching hot one year and people still came out and danced and had a great time!"   Gary of the Ridgeland Dutchmen (the polka band at St. Lawrence Fireman's Picnic from 2006 to the present)


"I am absolutely positive I wouldn't be who am I am today without being raised by the (music) teachers I had at Slinger."  Leah Duckert (head band director at West Bend West High School, Slinger alum)


"Had I gone to any other school in the area, I more than likely wouldn't have taken my interest in music as far.(Slinger Alum, alumni survey)


"The musical program supported itself and that's in large part to the community members who made the commitment to come out and support the kids. "   Ryan Kerr (Musical director at Slinger from 2007 to 2009)


"We used to play in a polka band called Jake's Polka Boys.  Back then that music was popular."  Ed Wolf (Slinger alum)





The Slinger Music Documentary (left) was directed and produced by Marek Bartusek, senior sociology student (2014)

















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