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Church Music in the Slinger Area

To determine the historical and cultural significance of music in the Slinger Area, students and Slinger Area History/Culture committee members felt it was wise to look at the music in area churches.   The following is what has been collected so far.   More churches will be added as we get information from music directors and community members. We felt the need to start with one to show people what students are looking for before expanding




Saint Peter's Catholic Church:



Home of a very rich music history.  According to the St. Peter's Website History web page,  B. Schaefer and Sons Organ Company installed a pipe organ in the church in 1919.  Mention was made that Sister Romilda Simon played the organ for 50 years (more on Sister Romilda in the Music Instructor category).   The organ was restored and rejuvenated in 1993 (the 150 years history of the St. Peter's Parish website).  The nuns and the orchestra there were well known.   According to an interview with long-time Slinger musician, Maury Leverance, he was given his first violin by the nuns at St. Peter's Parish as well as music lessons (he took the books home but didn't practice much as he could play by ear).   Diane Kachelmeier discusses how every student there seemed to be part of the music program. (Interview by Kristin Tuttle, Tony Koerner, and Jessa Ehlinger)















Barb Schuelke discusses the orchestra and Name Day Program (see Religion section for Name Day Program).  



Student, Angela Shomler, is a member of St. Peter's Church.  She gathered some information about a segment of the music program there in 2014.  



 At St. Peter’s Catholic Church in Slinger, Wisconsin, there are two groups of church members that perform at masses on a regular schedule. The Adult Choir was established about fifty years ago-or more. It is currently made up of fourteen church members that range from their as young as twenty five to as experienced as eighty. The Adult Choir has about nine females and five males. This group sings the church music in a more classic style using different vocal ranges per person and an electric keyboard or organ as accompaniment.


The Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) was established about ten years ago by Mike Noegel and Mary Jane Krebsbach. This group has thirteen church members that range from twenty-five to fifty years in age. CME has about seven females and five males. This group puts a modern twist on church music by using not only a keyboard or organ, but they also have a variety of instruments to add on to their bold voices. CME has two or three acoustic guitar players, a drummer that uses a full drum-set, a bass guitarist, a violinist, and vocals. On occasion, they might also have a flutist playing in the mix, too. Both groups are currently under the direction of Mr. Andy Smith who is the music coordinator and teacher over at St. Peter’s Church and School. Andy took over the position about 5 years ago.

Submitted by Barb Herther.  Copy of of small excerpt of music created by Sister Cheribum.   More on Sister Cheribum in Schaefer family section (Artists/Alumni)


Click here for short excerpt of this song. (2014 performance)  Submitted by Barb Herther

1956 Orchestra (submitted by Theresa Merten)

                          1958 Orchestra 

             (Submitted by Theresa Merten)

  1962  String Festival notice above 

    submitted by Therese Merten

Several current students are alumni of the St. Peter's music program.  Here is a photo of severa alumni from a session roughly in 2008.   Please click here.   

More Churches coming soon....

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